Norman Lachapelle: L’irlandaise and Improvisation

Luthier Pierre Erizias sent me this video of Norman Lachapelle playing the tune “L’irlandaise”.

The song is sheerly musical, and not a note is misplaced.

“I think Normand is not getting the props he deserves,” Erizias said. “He is a refined and seasoned musician that could walk easily with the best out there for sure.”

I think I have to agree!

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  1. very nice! thanks for sharing!

  2. Un vrai plaisir à écouter, merci pour cette très belle interprétation.

  3. Finally an improve that’s not Speed and noise.

  4. This video makes me so proud to be a bassist. Such a versatile instrument.

  5. Amazing, simply amazing.

  6. You guys have no idea how crazy this guy is. I wish you get to see him live someday. It’s life changing! :)

  7. Lyrical, elegant. Like Stuart Coles, I must say that Lachapelle’s performance makes me proud to be a bassist.

  8. Very Tasteful…this is a bass solo I can listen to.