Pi Electro Step and Wojtek Pilichowski: Bass Dance

Wojtek Pilichowski is a bassist that blows me away every time I watch him.

Tony Oppenheim sent in this video of the bassist performing the song “Bass Dance” with his group Pi Electro Step at the Thanks Jimi Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. (And we’re now eternally grateful. Thanks Tony!)

Once Pilichowski busts out his solo at the three minute mark, hold on to your hat. It’s gonna get funky.

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  1. I`m calling the Police right now and they`re going to charge him wit Bass Assault in the 1st Degree!

  2. Now that was awsome. It is nasty.It’s raw nasty.

  3. Someones been watching to much Level 42!

  4. Assault! that’s just plain abuse in a good way!

  5. The Level 42 reference by Steve is right on! I just like how they move from groove to groove and still maintain their intensity! Funk on!

  6. One guitarist and two bassplayers. Thats the lineup we like!

  7. holy crap! I only wish her voice wasn’t toned in such a whiny way. tight!

  8. Watered down “MARK KING” what sucks is its repetitive. #Get your own Style #I’m sleeping on this shit!

  9. I like the guy but every times I see him doing the same things.

  10. joey

    yall heard level 42? hat mark king is awesome