Columbia Releases Weather Report: The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

Weather Report: The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

In 1976, a relatively unknown bassist by the name of Jaco Pastorius joined Weather Report as a full-time member – an event that brought unprecedented commercial success to the six year old band. Jaco’s impact wasn’t limited to Weather Report either. It was during this same year his solo album debuted – an album which redefined the electric bass in a major way.

Jaco went on to perform with Weather Report until 1982. During that span, the group produced six albums – five studio and one (mostly) live double album – including Black Market (1976), Heavy Weather (1977), Mr. Gone (1978), 8:30 (1979), Night Passage (1980) and Weather Report (1982).

Black Market features Jaco on just two tracks, with Alphonso Johnson on the rest.

Weather Report's 1978 line-up: Jaco Pastorius, Peter Erskine, Joe Zawinul & Wayne ShorterColumbia has gathered up these Jaco-era albums for a new box set, Weather Report: The Columbia Albums 1976-1982. Each of the six albums is packaged in LP replica sleeves. The set includes 12 bonus tracks, including all of the tunes featuring Jaco from the 2002 compilation, Live and Unreleased, and two tracks from the famed Havana Jam in 1979.

A 19-page booklet provides full credits and session data for every track in the set and detailed liner notes by author Richard Seidel.

Columbia’s pricing for the anthology is around $42 – or about the cost of three CDs.

The Columbia Albums Collection Set:

  • Black Market (1976)
  • Heavy Weather (1977)
  • Mr. Gone (1978)
  • 8:30 (1979)
  • Night Passage (1980)
  • Weather Report (1982)
  • 12 Bonus Tracks

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