Won’t Get Fooled Again: John Entwistle’s Isolated Bass (Live, 1978)

Has there ever been anyone cooler than John Entwistle? I don’t think so, and here’s Exhibit A – the Ox’s isolated bass from “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, performed live in Shepperton, UK in 1978:

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  1. An amazing bass tour de force. That tone is incredible! I learned so many different techniques just from this isolated track alone. The Ox. Truly amazing.

  2. Sick Sick Sick! Go on Ox! :)

  3. one of a kind man..dig it!

  4. my first bass eko cobra 2 very bad sound.

  5. Without Ox…there’s no Geddy Lee.

  6. One of the Titans of Rock music.

    So glad he didn’t smash his instruments like Pete…would have cried to see that beauty demolished.

  7. Jah Wobble could do this in his sleep

    • But could he do it in 1965? Please don’t diss the man who created this sound and music. He was the only one doing this in the 60s and 70s. Then…Rush, Yes, and later, PIL, and 10,000 others.

      Jah was in elementary school when The Who first made their name. Respect your elders.

  8. Trev Furlong

    I’m going to be a pedant, and point out it’s Shepperton :)

  9. Johann

    Brilliant tone !!

  10. Now, let’s hear “The Real Me” isolated!!!

  11. Alex

    man, he plays soooo many notes. Entwistle to me is overrated.

    • Ed

      Your post is overrated.

    • Michael Poulos

      As the the great bassist Edgar Meyer once said in an interview, “Trying to play with taste can sometimes be a waste of time.”

    • CE Wilson

      Careful, you might offend some hard core OX fans! Personally, I think the guy is a bit of a hack Sure he can play a lot of notes and he knows his instrument but really you only need to play half as many notes…cleanly! I prefer the playing accuracy and tone clarity of a John McVie or singing bass players like Randy Meisner or a Timothy Schmidt. Of course its all music and this is just another opinion so don’t puff up over another point of view. Carry On everyone!

      • Glyn

        I am of the less is More opinion, however JE was an incredible bass player and there are plenty who think so. However its all individual opinion and taste i personally prefer Andy Frazer (Free).