The Police: Sting’s Isolated Bass on “Next To You”

In 1978, the Police debuted with the release of Outlandos d’Amour, an album dominated by punk influences. The opening track, “Next To You,” is a perfect example of this, especially when you hear the isolated bass line from Sting.

The muted notes really act like a train engine, and gives greater impact to the end of the song where he opens up.

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  1. Man his consistency is very impressive. Plus he sings and jump s around while he plays stuff like this. :-i

  2. Sting as a young punk – isolated bass “Next to You” haha awesome!

  3. I love the police’s songs! what a band!

  4. I never really noticed how aggressive his attack was on this track before.I actually had to go listen to it again. I guess maybe because it meshes so well with the guitar. I love these isolated tracks, they really help gain a better appreciation for the subtleties and little nuances of what the artist is really doing.

  5. George

    Just play the original song along with this extract and mix a bit. The original track could sound a lot better with a bit more of bass!

  6. Jeff Johnson

    Sounds a lot like Mike Durnt does today.