Periphery: “Make Total Destroy” Bass Cam Video

As our Facebook friend Skip Taylor noted, it’s been a while since we’ve posted a metal video. Get ready for a little mayhem.

Adam “Nolly” Getgood just posted this video from a performance of “Make Total Destroy” with Periphery at Manchester Academy from their recent European tour. Shot with a headstock cam, the footage captures all of the bassist’s energy as he slams through technical riffs, heavy syncopations, and unison runs.

[Update: this video was so popular, Nolly shared his transcription for the tune. Check it out.]

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  1. Nice syncopations. While I enjoy finger style sound more often, the picture sound is probably best for the piece. The slap parts were a great touch.

  2. Christ, that tone. THAT TONE.

  3. BASS MIX! The best mix in the house. That tone- Jeebus! And it doesn’t hurt that this guy shreds and is super accurate with the part. Love everything about this one. Great work Adam- hope to meet someday!

  4. brutal playing, and such meaty meaty tone. Good stuff, shame he’s always usually upstaged by Misha.

  5. I can’t believe the clarity from this. Even tuned down the bass just sounds sexy as hell.

  6. I gotta get out more. Enjoyed the tone but the cam angle kinda freaked me out…very surreal.

  7. Anyone got dots or tabs for this? Out of curiosity!

  8. Anyone got dots or tabs for this? Out of curiosity!

  9. WOW that was awsome!

  10. Yea that was pretty dope.

  11. It helps having an awesome drummer like Matt Halpern behind you. But still a sick bass part.