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Uriah Duffy & Friends: “Paranoid” (Black Sabbath Cover)

Earlier this year, Uriah Duffy took part in a concert where each band was asked to take a song from an historic album and put their own spin on one of the tracks.

The album of choice was Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.

We’ll let Uriah explain in his own words:

“This was so cool & every act was super unique, putting their own spin on each song. Nothing seemed forced this night- just creative. There’s been tons of ‘tribute’ type projects out there, usually with the bands doing lackluster copies of the originals. Apparently, that’s what the masses want- but not on this night.

“The first thing I did was research and see what other bands have previously covered ‘Paranoid’. Metallica, Green Day, Mötley Crüe… They all have done it- nearly verbatim. So my approach was simple: Do something that would most likely make a hardcore Sabbath head cringe, but would make Sabbath themselves proud. So that’s what I did here, fusing the classic riffs and words of the tune, with…. wait for it… DUBSTEP! Hah! Dig in and enjoy. I had a blast both producing the track and working in the studio with some amazing musician friends.

“As for this video- go easy on me! I had to piece it together from 2 vid sources I found on the ‘net, as well as try my best to sync up the live audio, recorded audio and electronic track- a digital nightmare on all fronts. And it’s my first multicam edit! Yeah- I KNOW some of the licks don’t sync up. Whatevs. Enjoy!”

Uriah is joined on stage by Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, The Memorials vocalist Viveca Hawkins and The Venting Machine and Blackgates guitarist Jeremy Von Epp.

There’s even a digital album available on Bandcamp.

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