Loud Button Electronics Introduces Morphine Dream Distortion/Analog Phaser Pedal

Loud Button Electronics Morphine Dream PedalThe Morphine Dream, a new pedal from Loud Button Electronics is based on the classic Roland AP-7 that the company calls a “dreamy, eight-stage phaser with fuzzy vintage distortion up-front.” The pedal has four footswitches to control Effect/Normal, Fuzz/Clean, Shallow/Deep, and Slow/Fast as well as four rotary knobs to control Fuzz Level, Tone, Resonance, and Slow Rate.

The Morphine Dream is hand built in the U.S. and features an 18-volt circuit that runs on a standard 9-volt power supply. It carries a street price of $429, but Loud Button explains that due its complexity and that it’s hand-built by one person, production qualities are limited. For more info, check out the Loud Button website.

Loud Button Electronics’ Morphine Dream Specs:

  • 8-stage Analog Phaser/Distortion
  • 4 Footswitches: Effect/Normal, Fuzz/Clean, Shallow/Deep, and Slow/Fast
  • uzz Level, Tone, Resonance, and Slow Rate Controls
  • Runs on a standard external 9VDC supply
  • Hand-built and designed in the United States
  • Wired with aerospace-grade Teflon-jacketed, silver plated wire.
  • Metal Neutrik In/Out Jacks
  • Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant

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