How to Improve Your Phrasing

Q: I’m looking to make my phrasing more dynamic. What would you suggest?

A: For this week’s column, I decided to make a little video to answer this question, and demonstrate what I do to work on my phrasing.

Check it out:

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  1. Thanks for the lessons, Very insightful.

  2. Damien you’re aproach is very nice because of not only what you play harmonicly but especialy how you treat various notes..short ..long ..vibrato..slur..bending.That to me is the secret of phrasing …making what you play sing! Ya know what i mean ..not playing like a type writer but like a singer or sax or flute will do! Nuff said! Peace bro!

  3. Damian, what is the player prgram you were using in the vid that shows the changes moving thru the tune?

    • Learn the chords (lines) of hamony.. Modal lines that are all relevant to a specific key center. Basic Jazz theory and harmony study. You could learn all 7 modes in a couple of days. Your phrasing would improve by understanding the harmony that can be created by understanding all the modes and molding them into one scale. I’d be glad to help…

  4. An inspiring lesson. Wondering what programs and hardware you use to practice things like this?

  5. maybe it was just my speakers, but I had a hard time hearing your line against the backing track. Interesting ideas presented. Thanks

  6. Any good suggestions for good solos to transpose and learn from? I got a lot from this video thanks!