Lucas Pimentel: 6/8

Here’s Brazilian bassist Lucas Pimentel playing a looped chordal groove in 6/8 – simply entitled “6/8” – and soloing over it in style.

You may hear a seasonal twist to the main theme.

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  1. groovey stuff! love it

  2. wonderful, I love it.

  3. Cool! Fancy Chops that actually go towards MAKING MUSIC!

  4. Wooooooow!!!! Yo dat joint was hawt, yea!!! Into to da shed rack I go.. See y’all when I get my skills up to par…. #imouttowork#willnotreturnsoon#

  5. veri nice , genial tecnics,,,

  6. So coool! I really liked when you play god rest yes merry gentlemen in there.

  7. wow. I can’t say anything else at this point. beautful.

  8. Love this guy’s soloing!
    I actually did a chordal arrangement in 5/4 of Jingle Bells last Christmas and rediscovering this video a couple of years after he put it on youtube had me go “Oh, THAT’S where I got all those ideas from!”

  9. passionate. smooth and clear.

  10. My big brother LP. musical genius

  11. Very, very nice all around! Exquisite technique and musicality…..

  12. Jake

    The piccolo strings are a nice touch

    • Mike

      Jake, they sound like they are only tenor strings: ADGC, not EADG up an octave.