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Playing Bass: To Right a Left or Leave It Right

Lefty righty bass playing

Q: I have been playing right-handed ever since I started playing bass, even though I am a left-handed person. Recently though, I have noticed (by messing around) that when I switch the bass around, I can pull off previously difficult techniques a lot better with my left hand, right off the bat. I am considering trying to switch to left-handed playing, but that means all the work I have put in the past six years will go to waste. Any advice on the matter?

A: That’s kind of a tough one and, ultimately, I’m afraid only you will be able to work this one out. But I do have some thoughts on how to approach this, much like any other challenge.

My first thought is to simply do what feels more natural for you, even if that means playing right-handed as a left-handed person. But if yo

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