Vulfpeck: Joe Dart’s Isolated Bass Track on “Beastly”

Jack Stratton sent me this video, which made my day. We’re all huge Joe Dart and Vulfpeck fans around here, and so it was a nice treat to hear Joe’s bass line to the tune “Beastly” in all its glory.

If you want to hear the original, we have that too.

And if you dig that, you’ll also want to check out Vulfpeck’s Kickstarter campaign for getting “Beastly” and “It Gets Funkier” on vinyl. As Jack says, “Must protect Dart’s basslines during the digital apocalypse.” Heck yes.

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  1. A lot of compression! Love it!

  2. Great player, thats whats bass is about – grooove!

  3. Getting’ his Paul Jackson on like a boss. Great playing.

  4. Holy crap, listen to that staccato. So consistent — Joe Dart may be one of the most underrated bass players playing today.

  5. what compressor was that??? sounds great! jaja