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Mission Engineering Introduces VM-PRO Volume Pedal

Mission Engineering VM-PRO Volume PedalMission Engineering has added a new volume pedal to their line up with the introduction of the VM-PRO. The pedal offers up an integrated buffer to maintain frequency response whether you’re using long cables or multiple effects pedals. The VM-PRO is available in standard and PZ versions to accommodate for standard pickups or piezos.

The device takes different instrument levels into account with a switch-selectable input for passive or active pickups, as well as a variable output impedance for use with vintage fuzz pedals.

A Sparkle Switch offers extra brightness when rolling back on the volume. Finally, the pedal has an isolated tuner output for silent tuning at any volume level.

The Mission Engineering VM-PRO runs on a 9V battery or can accept between a 9 and 18VDC power supply. It is available now with a street price of $189. For more info, check out the Mission Engineering website.

Mission Engineering VM-PRO Details:

  • Standard or PZ Version (for Piezo Pickups)
  • Onboard Buffer
  • Active or Passive Input Switch
  • Variable Output Impedance
  • Isolated Tuner Output
  • 9V Battery or Power Supply
  • All Metal Chassis in Red or Black Finish