Clarke Copeland Band: School Days

In celebration of Stanley Clarke’s birthday, we thought we’d celebrate with a recent take of a Stanley classic.

Here’s the Clarke Copeland Band performing “School Days” last year at the Jazz Festival in Sète.

Happy birthday, Mr. Clarke!

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  1. 13.5 minutes of Stanly Clarke jamming School Daze.

  2. Oh Stanley and Stewart Copland. What a treat… Who is the guitar player? I have seen him on American Idol last season.

  3. Say Bootsy, “The most fun you can have west of Marseille!”

  4. Fantobasse

    Ruslan Sirota (Keyboards), Brandy Cohan (Guitar)…

  5. that bass guy

    When Stanley Clarke turns his back on you during your big guitar moment, that’s bass talk for “you’re showboating.”