Vulfpeck: Wait for the Moment

Yes, I’m a huge Vulfpeck fan. It starts with bassist Joe Dart, who always seems to find the right bass line and then do something quite unexpected, but it just fits.

But truth is, the whole band is just stellar. And fun.

From their new release, My First Car, here’s the opening track “Wait for the Moment”, featuring guest vocalist Antwaun Stanley. There’s even a funky little solo by Dart here.

What a way to start a record!

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  1. yeah, corey. I feel you about vulfpeck. great band. very soulful. takes me back to the 70s. good feeling music. joe dart is like james jameson and jaco in one package. what a groove!

  2. Marvin Gaye Lives! He’s right here! That is the sickest track I’ve heard in years!

  3. My current favorite band!

  4. David R

    Absolutely superb! I’d love to hear more of their tracks with singers featured, although the instrumental work is fabulous.