Dumpstaphunk: “Gasman Chronicles” Live (2013)

Thanks to the new iTunes Radio, I got on a Dumpstaphunk kick, which extended to videos of the band. This is one funky band, started by Ivan Neville (son of Aaron Neville) and including two bassists (Nick Daniels and Tony Hall), and one incredible drummer (Nikki Glaspie).

Here they are in their return home to New Orleans for this year’s Mardi Gras. They’re performing their song “Gasman Chronicles” at The Howlin’ Wolf. The tune was is from the 2011 album Everybody Want Sum.

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  1. That stuff…you just leave it on your shoe and let the funk stick!

  2. yeah baby! That’s some funk!

  3. Two is always better than one!!!!! These guys ROCK!!

  4. yeah, dumpstaphunk have the right name for their band. that funk that comes from the deep. need to light about 100 matches and set off a fogger in the room!


  6. That is some serious funk!!!

  7. That chick on drums is evil. Great stuff