Jeff Coffin’s “Between Dreaming and Joy” Features Stacked Bass Lineup

Jeff Coffin: Between Dreaming and JoyJeff Coffin has released a new solo album called Between Dreaming and Joy, but it’s far from a solo effort. The saxophonist, who many know from his work with Dave Matthews Band, has an absolutely stacked lineup to fill out the music. The lineup includes a diverse cast of guitarists (Marcus King, Robben Ford, Bob Lanzetti, and more), drummers (Keith Carlock, Chester Thompson, Derico Watson, and more), keyboardists (Nigel Hall, David Rodgers, and more), and horn players (Emmanuel Echem, Bill Fanning, Ray Mason).

We bass players will take note of the eight low enders that fill out the bottom: Vicente Archer, Tony Hall, Michael League, Stefan Lessard, Felix Pastorius, Alana Rocklin, Jonathan Wires, and Chris Wood.

Between Dreaming and Joy was recorded over the past two years, allowing Coffin to dig into the process and tap his friends for help.

”It was the first instance in over 25 years that I had the time and resources to deep dive into my composing in a way that wouldn’t be interrupted by going on the road,” he explains. “I ended up with over 30 new tunes, I finished many older tunes and ended up with 6 or 7 full records to release.”

Check out the album opener, “Vinnie The Crow,” which features League laying down the groove:

Between Dreaming and Joy is out now on CD, and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Between Dreaming and Joy Track List:

  1. Vinnie The Crow (Michael League)
  2. Ruthie (Jonathan Wires)
  3. Tip The Band (Tony Hall)
  4. In The Belly of the Whale (Felix Pastorius)
  5. Between Dreaming and Joy (Stefan Lessard)
  6. Spinning Plates
  7. Behind the 8 Ball (Vicente Archer)
  8. Busting Out All Over (Alana Rocklin)
  9. When Birds Sing (Alana Rocklin)
  10. Bird & Magic (Chris Wood)

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