Mudvayne: “Dig” Music Video with Ryan Martinie’s Angle

Ryan Martinie is one sick bassist. Judging by this video, he might also be a little crazy.

Here’s the music video for Mudvayne’s “Dig,” featuring Martinie’s infamous bass line.

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  1. Is this Miley Cyrus? She certainly seems a bit annoyed about the twerking controversy

  2. Awesome bass licks!!!

  3. Made up like the devil. Shock value to sell songs ??????

  4. Ryan Martinie can spank a mean plank” (Good musician)!

  5. a child that’s trying to play bass

  6. Should play “air bass” …

  7. Yes if you make your self look all scary, and act kinda crazy, maybe no one will notice how crap the music is.

  8. If you listen to the album L.D. 50 in whole…. I would have a hard time believing anyone would not think this guy is a good bass player. Whether you like the genre/style is another thing. The dude has chops and has a very cool take on the role of bassist in that setting.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with Brian. It is everyone’s right to not like a genre, but to outright reject a bassist on the basis of one song? Many people on this forum have some research to do…

  10. And the bass community officially redeems itself as one that only focuses on the negative. What is wrong with you guys? Forget the genre, forget the look, and focus on the bass like the video was posted for. Maybe you’d notice it’s actually a very demanding and impressive bass line. Or, you guys can just stick inside your box all day and go putting people down who try anything different than what you do. Respect to Ryan Martinie for a great job in Mudvayne.

  11. To all those saying that this is “shit” or “ridiculous” or a “load of crap” I would like to see you trying to play or cover this song. Martinie has been able to bring his bass playing to the forefront of this band, he is basically the Nu-Metal equivalent of Flea with his tapping, slapping and all-round bass versatility. Before you get butthurt and start saying “omg you can’t compare this crazy devil looking shit player with Flea” listen to some of his other basslines, especially Severed or Death Blooms, and you’ll understand just how ignorant you are being by dismissing this amazing bassist as just being part of another ‘stupid screamo band’.

  12. The boy has talent beyond belief! Y’all can’t play any of his stuff so suck on the tail pipe!

  13. Drayven

    brbr DENG