Elvis Presley with Jerry Scheff: “Suspicious Minds”, Live 1970

We recently featured Jerry Scheff in a new series, Profiles in Tone. In that interview, Jerry shared insights on how he got his tone.

While I was researching for the interview, I found this clip from a 1970 concert with Elvis Presley in Las Vegas. The whole band is cooking, but Scheff’s bubbling yet muscular bass line really brings the song to life.

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  1. I think this is the version transcribed in August 2012 issue of BassPlayer.

  2. If 1969 was not THE year to see Elvis in Vegas (his incendiary return to live performance), then it was 1970. He looked great, the band was SUPER, his show was set in place but there was still lots of spontaneity. If you dig this video, find the 2001 reissue of THAT’S THE WAY IT IS, sit back and enjoy. Note that the album of the same name is NOT a soundtrack, but eight studio recordings and four live. Still one of EP’s best albums ever . . .

  3. Eric Burrell

    Blown away by Jerry’s playing (whole band really) and Elvis’s showmanship. Great, great clip. I’m too young to know him, so I appreciate seeing this. Wow.

  4. Paul

    Jerry is a ‘great’ bassist! Very melodic and tasteful