Best of 2013: The Top 10 No Treble Reader Spotlights

Editor’s Note: For the last week of year, we’re sharing the best of No Treble for 2013, based on readership. Be sure to check back each day until January 1st for the most popular features, lessons, videos, bassists and more.

My favorite feature every week is our Reader Spotlight, where we feature a No Treble reader. If you haven’t shared your story with us yet, I hope you will so we can feature you in 2014. (Just answer our interview questionnaire and you’ll be in the running for consideration).

Here are the top 10 most popular spotlights in 2013.

Reader Spotlight: Boogie Cindy

1. Boogie Cindy

Meet the bassist known as Boogie Cindy. Cindy anchors the Boogie Wonder Band, a band she founded and has since gone on to play over 2,500 shows in 450 cities around the world. The band is a well-choreographed 1970s Disco cover band…

Reader Spotlight: Poliana Magalhães

2. Poliana Magalhães

Earlier in the year, we featured a play-along video by bassist Poliana Magalhães. The tune was Jamiroquai’s “Runaway”, and we were impressed with how Poliana locked in on the groove, but made it her own, and with a killer bass sound too. Since then, Poliana shared her story with us…

Reader Spotlight: Peat Rains

3. Peat Rains

Peat Rains, AKA “Epileptic Peat”, pushes the envelope in just about every way. (You’ll have to read on to find out what I mean). And if you see him at a live show, he’ll even give you his drink tickets. One of the NT team’s favorite spotlights ever…

Reader Spotlight: Sophie Danielle Lord

4. Sophie Danielle Lord

Sophie Danielle Lord is a bassist who is also known in her circles as “Lord of the Bass”. Pretty cool title…

Reader Spotlight: Catalina Villegas

5. Catalina Villegas

Catalina Villegas is a bass player from Miami, Florida, who now resides in Medellin, Colombia. She had us hooked with the very first sentence in her interview. We think you’ll like her story too…

Reader Spotlight: Carson Childers

6. Carson Childers

It is always exciting to see the next generation of players taking inspiration from the long line of bass playing legends who came before them, and Carson Childers is clearly well schooled in the old and new school…

Reader Spotlight: Nick Montou

7. Nick Montou

Bassist Nick Montou’s resume just sounds cool. He’s the bassist for a well-known zydeco band from Lousiana, and one who has a pretty wicked double thumb slap style (check out the videos)…

Reader Spotlight: Luke Boismier

8. Luke Boismier

Luke Boismier is a multi-instrumentalist who seems laser focused on one thing: music. When I read the first sentence of Luke’s reader spotlight entry, I knew we had to pick him for this week’s feature. As I read more, I was even more convinced…

Reader Spotlight: Carla Betz

9. Carla Betz

Bassist Carla Betz has one of the coolest stories we’ve read among the Reader Spotlight submissions. Carla is an actress (and bartender too), and it was thanks to her acting career that she became a bassist. Her credentials are a mile long…

Reader Spotlight: Eric “Pedals” Thompson

10. Eric “Pedals” Thompson

Meet Eric Thompson, a bassist who goes by the nickname “Pedals”, who keeps busy with a life devoted to music… including owning and operating a store dedicated to (as you may have guessed) effects pedals…

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