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Lesson: How To Play Funky Bass with Tap, Slap and Pluck

Time to get funky!

In this lesson, we’ll play a groove in A minor using a left hand tap technique – one of Abe Laboriel’s many slap bass techniques, which was later popularized by Victor Wooten. This technique requires strength in the left hand, or low action.

Download this transcription (standard notation and TAB), and follow along with the video below.

The pattern for the main figure is: Tap, Thumb, Pluck – Tap, Thumb, Pluck.

There’s also some use of open strings. (I love the crispness of the open G and D strings.)

Be sure to let the notes ring as indicated in the transcription, particularly at the end of bars 2 and 4.

For the gear heads, I’m playing my Sandberg Califiornia MarloweDK Signature Bass strung with Dunlop nickel strings (45-105) through a TC Electronic RH450 amp.

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I finally get it! You attack the string with your left hand. Unbelievable