Hacking Spotify: Vulfpeck’s Brilliant Idea to Fund a Tour

Jack Stratton

Touring can be a real financial headache for bands these days, not to mention the rising cost of ticket prices for concert-goers. Vulfpeck has found a brilliant solution for both sides in the form of their new album, Sleepify, which is available for streaming on Spotify.

Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton describes Sleepify as “the most silent album ever recorded.” That’s because each of the ten songs, titled “Z” through “ZZZZZZZZZZ,” are absolute silence. By having users stream the album while they sleep, the band will receive royalties from Spotify to fund their entire tour. As such, the shows will have free admission.

Vulpeck’s Sleepify Tour is scheduled for this fall, but dates have not been set as the band will be plotting their trek based on Sleepify’s listenership. If you want to see Vulfpeck play a free show in your town, just start streaming Sleepify (and tell others around you to do the same thing).

And what does Spotify have to say about the plan? “This is a clever stunt, but we prefer Vulpeck’s earlier albums,” Spotify spokesman Graham James told Billboard. He adds that ”’Sleepify’ seems derivative of John Cage’s work,” referring to the composer’s minimalist piece “4’33”.

As if you need more reason to support Vulpeck’s upcoming tour, check out bassist Joe Dart’s solo on their track “Beastly”:

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