Alissia Benveniste: Holdin’ On

Alissia Benveniste floored everyone at No Treble with her first music video, “Let It Out“. Readers agreed – it was the most watched video for the whole month of February.

Alissia is back with an equally funky original song called “Holdin’ On,” complete with a big horn section and even bigger groove.

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  1. Great song, and a really enjoyable video. Looking forward to seeing more

  2. Love the song, such a talented group! Please keep it up!!!

  3. DANGEROUS!!!Absolutely DANGEROUS!!! :D

  4. Great music. Finely, real players too!

  5. This, live played, MUST kick ass! Love it.

  6. whoa!!! there she goes again. sound like she’s from the 70s. super groove! that horn section is making it sound like the JBs. funky!!!

  7. I think I said this last time….DAYUM!

  8. That was “phunky”! The horns were as tight as “a size 8 shoe on a size 10 foot!” Great video!

  9. Wow… that was TIGHT! Very very nice.

  10. I’ve got goosebumps………..holy smoke girl : )

  11. Go Alissia! Never give up the funk!