Vulfpeck: A Walk to Remember

We hear from a lot of readers who say they discovered Vulfpeck thanks to No Treble sharing their awesome videos.

And we’ve said it before – all of Vulfpeck’s members are stellar musicians. But it is bassist Joe Dart who really knocks us out every time we hear one of their tunes.

The guys in Vulfpeck surely know what a special bassist they have, because many of the tunes showcase him. This one especially. Dig “A Walk To Remember”, from their EP, Vollmilch.

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  1. love these dudes. joe dart is a groove master. yes, thank you, no treble. you have made me a vulpeck fan since last year.

  2. interested parties: thomastik flats w/ ceramic pickup on a cheapo bass.

  3. Great sax solo…

  4. stinking filthy. love it

  5. Just love sound and feel of Vulfpeck. Does anybody know what kind of pedal Joe Dart is using in these records? Really dig this dirty, muddy sound of his bass without being too distorted. Just like in the Beastly record.