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TC Electronic Releases Combined TonePrints

TC Electronic Releases Combined TonePrints

TC Electronic has added a new twist to their TonePrint technology with the introduction of Combined Toneprints for use in their BG250 and BH250 bass amps. Toneprint is a slot on the amp for onboard effects that can be changed via USB or smartphone app.

The company is launching the new effects series with six Combined TonePrints based on the merger of their SpectraComp compressor and TubeDrive. More Combined TonePrint combinations will be come available soon to combine their other TonePrint enabled effects including octave, compressor, drive, chorus, and flanger.

TC Electronic’s Combined TonePrints for bass are available now and do not require a software update for use.

“Compressed N’ Drive” – Combined TonePrint Demo:

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