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Horace Silver Quintet: Song For My Father

Today’s featured video is dedicated to all the Dads out there.

Horace Silver’s “Song For My Father” was the opening track for his 1965 album of the same name, and a dedication to the pianist’s father.

Here’s Silver’s Quintet performing the tune for Jazz Omkring Midnat – Denmark TV in 1968. The line up is killer: Bill Hardman on trumpet, Bennie Maupin on tenor sax, John Williams on bass and Billy Cobham on drums.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Steven Smith

happy father’s day, dads. i’d like to dedicate this one to the memory of my dad, who turned me on to some good jazz like this. miss him.

Michael Ayres

Horace Silver put out some funky music and always had great sidemen to help. The old addage, always try to be the worst one in the band because they will make you
sound better and you will be a part of it. Another great album is “The Cape Verdean Blues”. My aunt gave me the LP for Xmas one year and it had Joe Henderson on Tenor and JJ Johnson on Trombone with Roger Humphries on drums, who plays out of his mind on Nutville, They play some beautiful music and Horace is still over there playing some funky stuff, nothing really hard but it fits with what they are doing. Most of what I have heard is strictly tonal in that it has a definite melody and chords that we have all heard for a long time. but that structure helps the listener to be able to keep up and know where they are listening from in the song. It just works better for Horace that way and it was his group and he liked it like that. So check him out, he was cool and a lot of good music, happy music, came from him and his cohorts and a lot of them should be in the Hall of Fame, if they aren’t already. Thank you for posting this on Father’s Day; my father enjoyed it too.