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Walrus Audio Releases Descent Reverb

Walrus Audio is now shipping the Descent, a stereo reverb pedal with three modes – Hall, Reverse, and Shimmer – to deliver a variety of soundscapes. The modes are toggled via mini-switch and are adjusted with reverb time, diminish, tweak, dry mix, and wet mix knobs. It also has an independent dry signal knob for control over your un-effected signal.

Walrus Audio Descent Reverb

The Descent’s tone can be further dialed in with the +1 and -1 controls, which allow the user to add high and low octaves to the pedal’s wet mix. These can be tweaked on the fly with an expression pedal. After finding a setting you like, you can save your sound with three presets.

Hall mode gives a classic reverb sound that can range between a small-room-echo to a long-hall-echo, while Reverse mode flips your signal to “playback unique responses and can be manipulated with pre-delay time controls.” Shimmer mode highlights the octave features, dry signal, -1, and +1 to mix in your signal.

The Walrus Audio Descent Reverb is available now with a street price of $299.

Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Features:

Three reverb modes: Hall, Reverse and Shimmer
Controls include: Dry Mix, Wet Mix, Reverb Time, Diminish, Tweak and control of the signals feeding into the Wet Mix: Dry Signal, -1 (octave down) and +1 (octave up)
Three savable presets
9V DC Power
Mono input and stereo outputs, expression control out, remote preset out
Made in the USA with a 5 year warranty

For more information:
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