Lingsma Introduces Electric Upright Bass

Lingsma Electric Upright Bass - BlondeNetherlands-based luthier Lingsma has announced the availability of their new Electric Upright Bass model, or EUB for short. The bass’s design centers around a compact wooden resonator block, which the company says is designed to vibrate at the same resonances as the body of an acoustic upright bass and create a warm, rich sound.

Lingsma’s EUB is balanced on a stand rather than rigidly set on a tripod. This gives the player more freedom in moving the bass into different positions while keeping it balanced. Players who don’t prefer a stand can still use the bass’s endpin.

Other features include an adjustable neck angle, a Shadow 955 NFX pickup and preamp system, and brass machine heads.

The Lingsma EUB is handmade in the Netherlands and comes with a carbon aramid flightcase. It can be ordered directly from the manufacturer for approximately $9,400.

Lingsma Electric Upright Bass Photos:

Lingsma Electric Upright Bass Videos:

Lingsma Electric Upright Bass Details:

Neck:Flamed Maple
Body:Birdseye Maple
Preamp:Shadow 955 NFX
Endpin:Stainless Steel
Machine Heads:Brass, lacquered
Strings:Thomastik Spirocore Lights

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  1. Andrew Snow

    My upright bass size is 7/8. What is the size of the EUB?

  2. Karl

    That endpin design is brilliant! :)