Stanley Clarke: “Lopsy Lu” (1976 Downbeat Awards Performance)

We’re celebrating the birthday of one of the long-time greats in music and bass history, the one and only Stanley Clarke.

Here he is performing “Lopsy Lu” at the 1976 Downbeat Poll Winner Awards show, along with Jean-Luc Ponty on violin, Chick Corea on piano and Billy Cobham on drums.

Wow. Just wow.

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  1. First Stanley Clarke tune I ever learned. I remember getting all kinds of psyched as a 10th grader just figuring this out. Great memory.

  2. As much as I loved and admired his technique I wasn’t so much in love with his tone.

    • Stephan

      The tone was revolutionary, so clear & punchy, Alembic pioneerd this sound.

  3. bvdon

    My first bass hero…. what a great album.

  4. classic Clarke fusion with 3 other heavyweights! great stuff!

  5. Anthony

    Oh we’re did the time go? I remember being a kid and hearing Stanley Clarke. The old has never Ben the same for me. I rarely listen to him now, but I will always love his music.

  6. Gregg


  7. A jewel recovered from the past :)
    So glad we can enjoy this treasures.

  8. Wish they liked low end….

  9. Stanley will always be the man! if nothing more than by “Lopsy Lu”. it was revolutionary back in the day!

  10. B.E. Nelson

    I remember when this Downbeat TV special aired on PBS. Each musician on that stage won top honors in their category. With YouTube today, it was rare to see your musical influences on TV back in 1976/1977. I was in fusion heaven. BTW- Ron Carter won for Best Acoustic Bass that year.

  11. unbelieveable bassist…deep groove with exciting emotion!

  12. John Lodge

    Stanley Clarke simply sublime