Dean Markley Introduces Blue Steel Nickel-Plated Bass Strings

Dean Markley Blue Steel Nickel-Plated Bass StringsAfter keeping them to limited to artists and exclusive dealers, Dean Markley has launched a nickel-plated version of their Blue Steel bass strings. Similar to the stainless steel set, the Blue Steel Nickel-Plated strings are cryogenically frozen with liquid nitrogen to improve their lifespan. The company describes the strings as gentler to the touch. Nickel also creates less distortion for a clearer notes.

The Dean Markley Blue Steel Nickel-Plated Bass Strings come in 4- and 5-string sets with gauges ranging from extra light to extra medium. They carry MSRPs of $34 for 4-string sets and $44.99 for 5-string sets.

Dean Markley Blue Steel Nickel-Plated Bass String Details:

Cryogenically Frozen
Nickel-Plated Steel
4 and 5-string sets
Gauges: Extra Light, Light, Medium Light, Custom Light, Medium, Extra Medium

For more info:
Dean Markley

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  1. How is it possible that they can have a size “Extra Medium”?

  2. wayne

    I bought a few packs of these and while they are good strings, the B string is pretty weak. I know Tully Kennedy from Jason Aldean uses these and he gets good results. E-G sound amazing, nice and even… Too bad the B string sucks!

  3. Nozmeda

    I’ve been buying these for years from I agree with Wayne, really good E-G with a weak be. I’ve moved on to kalium because the B string is boss along with the rest.

    • Nozmeda

      Thanks for correcting my music notes and telling me I’m wrong Android… haha