Julie Slick and Marco Marchera Team Up for “Fourth Dementia”

Julie Slick and Marco Marchera: Fourth DementiaFourth Dementia, Julie Slick’s album of bass duets with Italian bassist/songwriter Marco Machera, is a work rooted in spontaneity.

The pair met back in 2010 through the Three of a Perfect Pair Music Camp. The duo began collaborating in April of this year after the Crimson ProjeKCt’s European tour, where Slick played some dates in Tuscany. She and Machera quickly started writing songs that were positively in live performances. The response inspired them to write more and record an album within a month.

The resulting work combines loop music, ambient sounds and interlocking bass patterns. Other players on the record include drummers Eric Slick (Julie’s brother) and Pat Mastelotto, and violinist Sarah Anderson.

You can get an idea of what’s going on in this promo video for the album, featuring the song “Overcome”:

Fourth Dementia is available through Bandcamp.

Fourth Dementia Track List:

  1. Green
  2. Esteem
  3. Ci Provo
  4. Feck You Op
  5. Infinity x 1
  6. Overcome
  7. Krush
  8. 1986

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  1. Steve rosati


  2. Check out the awesome new album, “Le Fil Rouge,” that Julie and Marco have just released under the band name EchoTest. If you liked “Fourth Dementia,” you’ll LOVE “Le Fil Rouge”!