Big Ear n.y.c. Announces Chaka Octave Fuzz Pedal

Big Ear n.y.c. Chaka Octave Fuzz PedalBig Ear n.y.c. has unveiled the Chaka, an octave fuzz pedal designed for all instruments, but especially for bass. The pedal features Fuzz, Volume, and Tone knobs for dialing in your tone with a separate footswitch to activate the octave effect.

“The fuzz side uses LED clipping diodes which are more aggressive, but less compressed, and let the natural tone of the instrument shine through,” says company owner Grant Wilson. “We also use hand-matched NOS metal can transistors that are selected for a warmer and more organic tone than your traditional ‘shrill’ octave effects! Oddly enough, I’m not a stickler for NOS components, but in this case they really do help the pedal sound the way it does while retaining all that low end.”

The Big Ear n.y.c. Chaka Octave Fuzz is available for pre-order with a release price of $175.

Big Ear n.y.c. Chaka Octave Fuzz Pedal Details:

Fuzz, Volume, Tone Controls
Separate Octave Footswitch
Fuzz side: LED Clipping Diode
Hand-Matched NOS Transistors

For more information:
Big Ear n.y.c.

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  1. Nice demo. Sure, I’ll shell out $175 without hearing it…