Common Thread with Alissia Benveniste: For the One Time

Regular No Treble readers will probably recognize Alissia Benveniste from the killer videos we’ve shared in the past of her band.

Here’s Alissia performing with Common Thread – a band she cofounded, described as “a collective of like-minded musicians from all over the globe, brought together by a passion for good vibes, music that makes you move, and a purpose for building musicianship amongst each other.”

So so good.

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  1. Anthony

    Berklee must a fun place to go school if you have the talent and work ethic to go with it!

  2. wow. my head is in the clouds. this is some cool stuff. melodic, 70s sound. very talented ladies.

  3. Gotta love ’em ladies!

  4. Is there an album coming? I’ll buy it!

  5. Claude Brisset

    We want a CD With all those great musicians, girls ans boys ( where are the Funketeers ?)

    You’re all very talented.
    Best regards from France

  6. Mark G.

    No males?