Swedish Trio Dirty Loops Releases Debut Album, “Loopified”

Dirty Loops: LoopifiedDirty Loops, the Swedish trio known for its wild cover versions of songs by Justin Bieber, Adele and Justin Timberlake, has released its first album, Loopified.

The band is still somewhat amazed by its success, which led to the creation of the record, according to bassist Henrik Linder. “We thought the combination of fusion and pop was so unsexy that no one would ever listen to it.”

Even before its release in the U.S., music from the album has done well, with the band’s first original song, “Hit Me,” already gaining popularity in Japan. The tune is about “the desperation you feel when you don’t get the response you want from someone you like and you lose yourself in the relationship,” Henrik says.

Check it out for yourself:

The group has more than just Internet buzz on its side going into the album’s release. No less than legendary composer/producer Quincy Jones counts himself as a Dirty Loops fan. “Dirty Loops are just incredible!”

Loopified is available on CD and for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Loopified Track List:

  1. Hit Me
  2. Sexy Girls
  3. Sayonara Love
  4. Wake Me Up
  5. Die For You
  6. It Hurts
  7. Lost In You
  8. Take On The World
  9. Accidentally In Love
  10. The Way She Walks
  11. Crash And Burn Delight
  12. Roller Coaster

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