Ampeg Now Shipping Revamped BA-112 and BA-115 Bass Combos

Ampeg's Revamped BA-112 and BA-115 Bass Combos

After revamping the BA series earlier this year, Ampeg is now shipping the new BA-112 and BA-115 bass combo amps. The models carry all the new features including the foot-switchable Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit, a 3-band EQ, and a true sixty degree monitoring angle so they can be set up as a wedge.

The Bass Scrambler is one of the bigger upgrades to the amps. Described as delivering a “classic tube-like grind,” the effect can be altered with separate drive and blend controls to dial in your tone. Other features include 1/8” aux inputs, Ampeg’s Ultra Hi and Ultra Low switches, and a headphone output. The BA-115 steps things up by adding an effects loop, an XLR output, and a HF mute. It also has more power at 150 watts compared to the 112’s 75 watts.

The Ampeg BA-112 and BA-115 bass combos are shipping now with street prices of $279.99 and $379.99, respectively.

Ampeg BA-112 Bass Combo Details:

Power:75 Watts
Speaker:12″ Ampeg Custom12 speaker
Features:Bass Scrambler Overdrive (footswitchable), Aux Input, Headphone Output, -15dB input pad
Weight:42 lbs

Ampeg BA-115 Bass Combo Details:

Power:150 Watts
Speaker:15″ Ampeg Custom15 speaker, 1″ HF tweeter
EQ:3-band, Ampeg Ultra Hi/Lo tone shaping
Features:Bass Scrambler Overdrive (footswitchable), Aux Input, Headphone Output, -15dB input pad, Effects Send/Return, XLR Output, HF Mute Horn
Weight:45 lbs

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  1. Stevie G

    So these are quite low powered amps, so only useful for practice or acoustic gigs? My 220w older BA115HP sounds great but can’t cut a rock band setting and that’s with more power. I love the idea of Ampeg combos but, unless I’m missing something, the application of these is fairly limited.

    • Jerry

      I use a friend’s BA-115 at band practice, and I have to basically turn it up all the way to be heard well…’master’ on 10, ‘volume/gain’ on about 8. This is not a metal or hardcore band, either. I love Ampeg, but yeah these combos aren’t very loud.

  2. Why is the 210 taking so long to be made available?

  3. Kevin Mc

    Stupid design. Who wants to reach to the floor to adjust he volume when it’s tipped on its side?

  4. Bob (Kod) Kodritch

    I have a BA-115 that has a bad amp as the speakers test ok fine. Anyone know of the “fix”, Ampeg won’t come off their schematics…. Sounds like a blown speaker but is not.