Vulfpeck: Sky Mall

Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton sent me the latest video by the band, from their new album, Fugue State.

The tune, written by Jack, is anchored as always by bassist Joe Dart.

Jack shared this:

“Somewhat funny backstory:

When we did the Amazon rental (again, don’t try this at home) we ordered the wrong scale flat wound Thomastik strings.

So we’re looking at the MusicMan with fresh round wounds — a little bummed out — and Joe says if there was ever a time to slap it would be now.”

Vulfpeck delivers yet again.

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  1. Bob DeRosa

    You can rent basses from Amazon?

  2. joe dart is a beast! love that vulfpeck funky humor. hilarious.

  3. Mike Matthews

    ABWAHhAHAHAHAaaaa…. that was cool. Joe is a great bassist & the video is quite funny.