Bass of the Week: Bootleg Guitars Jazz Box 4

Bootleg Guitars Jazz Box 4 Bass on table

This week we take a look at a new hollow-body creation from Bootleg Guitars called the Jazz Box 4. Finished in a beautiful translucent green, the bass features a body with maple for its top and back with a Spanish Cedar core. Its neck is a premium grade aged quartersawn Eastern hard rock maple topped with a rosewood fingerboard.

Luthier Jon Hill fits the bass with a pair of Bartolini BB4CBC dual coil humbucking pickups. For hardware he uses Hipshot tuners and a Tune-O-Matic bridge. Check out the cool trapeze tailpiece, too.

Bootleg Guitars Jazz Box 4 Bass Photos:

Bootleg Guitars Jazz Box 4 Bass Specs:

Neck:Premium Grade Aged Quartersawn Eastern Hard Rock Maple, Set Neck
Body:Spanish Cedar Core with Maple Top and Back.
Fretboard:Rosewood, (Ebony optional)
Scale:34″, ~ 20 fret
Pickups:Bartolini BB4CBC dual coil humbucking pickups
Tuners:Hipshot USA
Bridge:Tune-O-Matic with Trapeze Tailpiece
Inlay:Inlays optional
Cavity Covers:Clear

For more, check out the Bootleg Guitars website.

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  1. Pretty bass – like to try one. How much, & where can if be seen? Also – I’m a lefty

    • Wayne Renardson

      John asked:

      J> How much, & where can if be seen? Also – I’m a lefty

      $3,699.00 US and they offer left handed instruments.

      Wayne Renardson

  2. Hmm it’s not finished. Also would it be possible to include sound files with the eye candy ?

  3. That’s a trapeze tailpiece, not a trapazoid. A trapazoid would flare out like a, well, trapazoid. Nice design though, should be pretty damn thuddy with those components.

  4. Larz evans

    Damn……THAT……Is GORGEOUS…….

  5. Larz evans