Best of 2014: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Bass Amps and Cabinets

We love gear. We need gear. And we love to report on new gear.

Here are the 10 most read stories covering bass amps and cabinets in 2014. Enjoy, and sorry for the G.A.S.

Fender Redesigns Rumble Series Bass Amps for 2014

1. Fender 2014 Rumble Series Bass Amps

Fender completely revamped the Rumble Series of bass combo amplifiers into lighter and louder designs with more features. The new models are built with lightweight plywood enclosures with certain models featuring removable wooden grille frames, Eminence drivers, and upgraded compression tweeters…

Alusonic Introduces ALU112 Aluminum Bass Cabinets

2. Alusonic ALU112 Aluminum Bass Cabinets

The aluminum specialists at Alusonic jumped into the bass cabinet world with the ALU112. Housed in an aircraft grade aluminum hardshell, the cab is loaded with a 12-inch aluminum cast frame woofer with a neodymium magnet…

Peavey Announces MiniMax and MiniMega Compact Bass Amplifier Heads

3. Peavey MiniMax and MiniMega Compact Bass Amplifier Heads

Peavey announced a pair of new compact bass heads at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show with the MiniMax and the MiniMega. The amps are rated at 400 and 1000 watts, respectively, and weigh in at five and eight pounds…

TC Electronic Releases BH550 and BH800 Bass Amps

4. TC Electronic BH550 and BH800 Bass Amps

TC Electronic expanded their line of micro bass amplifier heads in 2014 with the BH550 and BH800. In addition to increased power, the new amps step things up a notch with an expanded EQ section and dual switchable Toneprint effect locations…

Acme Sound Introduces Low B-212 Bass Cabinets

5. Acme Sound Low B-212 Bass Cabinets

Acme Sound expanded their bass cabinet offering with the Low B-212 cabinet in October. Available in standard and composite versions, the cabs carry dual 12-inch custom woofer that are mounted back to back…

Gallien-Krueger Introduces CX Series Bass Cabinets

6. Gallien-Krueger CX Series Bass Cabinets

Gallien-Krueger announced the company’s new CX Series of bass enclosures in April. Designed to compliment their MB Series of heads, the cabinets are loaded with proprietary ceramic drivers designed and built in the United States…

Barefaced Bass Cabinets Unleashes Generation 3 Cabinets

7. Barefaced Bass Cabinets Generation 3 Cabinets

English bass amplification company Barefaced Audio debuted their new Generation 3 series of cabinets in March, including revamps of their flagship Big Baby II and Big Twin II cabinets…

Hartke Unveils HD Bass Combo Series

8. Hartke HD Bass Combo Series

Hartke’s new HD Series of bass combos loads the company’s HyDrive speakers into four models aimed at the beginning or intermediate player. Starting with the 25-watt HD25, each model steps up in speaker size, wattage, and features…

Ampeg Now Shipping Revamped BA-112 and BA-115 Bass Combos

9. Ampeg Revamped BA-112 and BA-115 Bass Combos

After revamping the BA series earlier this year, Ampeg began shipping the new BA-112 and BA-115 bass combo amps in August. The models carry all the new features including the foot-switchable Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit, a 3-band EQ, and a true sixty degree monitoring angle so they can be set up as a wedge…

Aguilar Unveils Limited Edition SL112 in Bass “Cabernet”

10. Aguilar Limited Edition SL112 in Bass “Cabernet”

Aguilar Amplification announced a limited edition of their SL 112 bass cabinet for 2015. Limited to 250 units, the cab will have a “Bass Cabernet” color finish as well as a limited edition label for the crossover…

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  1. The new Rumbles are super nice !!

  2. Pat

    What no MarkBass?

  3. CP

    Gallien-Kruger MB series; amazing.

  4. Genz Benz made great amps and cabs in 2014 until Fender bought them out and shut them down, like SWR.

  5. seth

    Accugroove are hands down the best bass cabs I’ve used! They really should be top of the heap

  6. Gary

    No way. EA…Epifani…SWR…Eden…Markbass….

  7. Daniel

    Have had Fender Rumble for 16months now, light use, already starting to pack it in… Mark Bass all the way!

  8. jim

    Where are the Chillbass???