Nirvana: In Bloom (Isolated Bass and Drums)

We’re kicking off Isolated Bass Week #5 with a song that peaked at #5 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart.

Nirvana’s “In Bloom” featured some gritty bass by Krist Novoselic, locked right in with Dave Grohl’s drums.

While the tune was originally recorded in 1990, this version appeared on the 1991 release Nevermind – the first album to feature Grohl.

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  1. Not a fan of Nirvana, but that bass line is really sick! Clean use of the pick and the locking with the drums is outstanding!

  2. Mike Matthews

    Never really cared for Nirvana much… maybe I should listen a bit closer though. This is a solid bass track. They (him and Dave) are tight and locked into each other. As it should be.

  3. Andrew

    you can hear the vocal bleed through……..headphones must be BLASTING

  4. You know, I did not like Nirvana one bit when they showed up on the scene. I was listening to the Flecktones, and Bitches Brew, and Primus, Mr. Bungle and Blues Traveller at the time. I was just really getting into jazz and old funk, my initial though was “what the hell? these guys can’t even play.” Now, I regret that I didn’t give them a chance. I enjoy their songs, they were well crafted and simple. Kurt had some heart lyrically and a pretty unique voice. Also, I love Dave’s work then and now.

  5. Krist was using a Gibson Ripper through an Ampeg full stack, with new strings and a little drive to make the bass really glue the track together.

    Obvious here is the Paul McCartney influence in Krist’ playing.

    Here’s an earlier version of the track with Nirvana’s previous drummer Chad Channing and the groove is different from what Krist and Dave had.—wp_DQ
    It sounds more ridged from the “Nevermind” version, Krist also used a different bass, his old Ibanez Black eagle.

  6. That is a rock solid rythym section !!!!!!