Ibanez Introduces BTB33 Volo Bass

Ibanez has introduced the BTB Volo to their conceptual Bass Workshop Series. The Volo is a fresh take on the company’s BTB model that is aimed at players looking to explore the higher registers. The five-string bass features a shorter 33-inch scale and comes factory tuned from E to C, which Ibanez points out is better for playing chords and soloing in the baritone territory.

Ibanez Bass Workshop BTB33 Volo Bass

The Volo is a neck-through design that features a five-piece maple and bubinga neck, mahogany body wings, and an ash top. Another unique feature on the bass is an adjustable rosewood finger ramp that sits between the bass’s Bartolini BH1-5 pickups. It’s also fitted with a 3-band EQ with a mid-frequency switch for tone tweaking.

The Ibanez BTB33 Volo is shipping now with a street price of $999.

Ibanez Bass Workshop BTB33 Volo Bass Details:

Construction:Neck Through
Neck:5-piece Maple/Bubinga
Body Wings:Mahogany
Fret Markers:Abalone Dot Inlay
Finger Ramp:Rosewood, Adustable
Tuning:E, A, D, G, C
Pickups:Bartolini BH1-5
Electronics:3-Band EQ w/Mid Frequency Switch
Bridge:Mono-Rail V
Finish:Natural Flat

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  1. Sam

    Love the stripped down look – very classy.

  2. Great tone, very interested in trying one

  3. Russ

    I do enjoy the alt-basses Ibanez releases now and then but it always cracks me up when the artist making the pitch talks about using the top 5 strings of a 6 string bass set as this crazy concept that requires explaining, as though this configuration is somehow not possible on a standard 5 string (my E to C SR505 agrees).

  4. Scott

    Any idea on the bridge string spacing on one of these?