Bass of the Week: Rikkers Guitars Hollowline

Rikkers Guitars Hollowline Bass Red

Based on the the company’s Powerline model, the Rikkers Guitars Hollowline is distinguished by a chambered body that makes all the difference. “Not only do [the chambers] reduce weight significantly, they also make for a remarkably resonant and transparent tonal character,” Rikkers shares on their website.

Each bass is custom built to order with a plethora of options. Rikkers prefers set-neck construction, though neck-through and bolt-on versions can be made. It’s built with your choice of woods for the body and neck. It comes standard with an ABM-Ghost piezo system as well as an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp and pickups of your choice.

Rikkers Guitars is based in Holland, where all their basses are made by luthiers Ferdinand Rikkers, Jacco Stuitje, and Herman Mulder.

Rikkers Guitars Hollowline Bass Photos:

Rikkers Guitars Hollowline Bass Details:

Construction:Set-neck, bolt-on or neck-through
Strings:4, 5, or 6
Body:Choice of Woods
Neck:Choice of Woods
Fingerboard:Choice of Woods
Pickups:ABM-Ghost Piezo System, Choice of Pickups
Preamp:Aguilar OBP-3

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