AC Guitars Announces Standard Series Basses

AC Guitars has revamped their offering with the Standard series, which the company says offers “outstanding value for money sitting below [their] custom basses.” The line offers each of the company’s models with reduced options to keep prices and wait times down.

AC Guitars Standard Series Finn Classic 5 Bass

Standard basses can be ordered in 4-, 5-, and 6-string versions with a choice of scale lengths. All of the models are bolt-on and fitted with ACG B Series pickups matched to an ACG/East Custom Custom P-Retro preamp.

While the options for woods are reduced, there is plenty to choose from. Bodies can be built with black limba, white limba, or alder and topped with an exotic wood. The 3-piece neck can be either American Ash or maple topped with a rosewood or wenge fingerboard. All models have 24 frets with alloy side dots and a 0º fingerboard radius.

Hardware includes a Hipshot B-Type bridge, Gotoh tuners, and Dunlop Dual Design straplocks.

The AC Guitars Standard Series basses are built in Scotland by luthier Alan Cringean. They are available for order now with price points of $1,640 for four and five-string basses and $1,750 for six-string basses.

AC Guitars Standard Series Bass Photos:

AC Guitars Standard Series Bass Specs:

Body Shapes:All Current ACG Models
Strings:4, 5, 6
Scale:30.5″, 31.5″, 32″ 33″, 34″ and 35″
Body:3 piece Black or White Limba with stained finish or 2/3 piece Alder with choice of selected top, 3 piece Limba with top available at extra cost
Figured Top:Figured Maple, Bubinga, Zebrano, Shedua, Spalt Beech, Black Walnut, Katalox, Padauk, Black Limba, Paldao or Figured Alder
Neck:3 piece American Ash or Maple with or without centre stripe of Wenge, Padauk or Bubinga
Neck Reinforcement:carbon rods, dual action trussrod,
Neck Profile:asymmetrical carve
Fingerboard:Rosewood or Wenge
Side Dots:Alloy side
Pickups:ACG B-Series
Electronics:ACG/East Custom P-Retro Preamp with Active/Passive Switching
Finish:Grain textured MLF Finish
Bridge:Hipshot B Type
Tuners:Gotoh GB720
Case:Fusion Gigbag

For more information:
AC Guitars

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  1. Lauryan

    Was just checking these out today, looking good, might be my next bass purchase!

  2. WOW. Now finally a person who understands maximizing production efficiency to the benefit of the customer.

  3. Wow, this is what choice is all about. First of all the price is super reasonable for a custom, no crazy 5 grand plus price tags like Fodera or Alembic. Then you have a choice of scales from the 30.5 of Landing Basses to the 35 inch scale of Lakland and others and again beating them on price points. Finally throw in custom pickups from in house pickup guru Aaron Armstrong who I am sure has picked up a couple things from Dad and Granddad and you have a bass that’s hard to beat. Now I just got to get around 1200 bucks together and pull the trigger. If there was ever incentive for me to give up diet soda and put the money away this is it.

  4. AC Guitars

    Just a correction on the prices given in the article small break down in communication,so sorry about that.
    4/5 string is £1100.00 which is currently around the $1640 mark.
    6 string is £1175.00/$1750.