Royal Blood: “Figure It Out” Live at Coachella

Ian Pettersson contacted us with a simple note: “Royal Blood Live… and they sound great live!”

It never ceases to amaze how big of a sound these guys create, thanks in large part to everything bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr does in the group.

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  1. So…. what’s he using here? Signal splitter? Would love to see the signal path!

    • Ruud van den Akker

      Bi Amping?
      Nice though, little bit Zep like…
      Ruud van den Akker

  2. You can Google his pedalboard to see exactly what he’s running.

  3. John Flynn

    When I saw them live, it definitely sounded split.

  4. Too quiet in the mix though. Besides, you want big duo tone? Big Business takes the cake.

  5. I thought this sounded pretty darn good, not comparing it to anything but the music itself.
    Seems our musical interest are indifferent to one another as our personal persona.
    What I may like in music others don’t hear it , what others like I don’t hear it.

    Now we have Rabbit with Grime , I don’t know what to think about it.

  6. Mike Matthews

    This is the first ‘song’ from Royal Blood that I’ve heard that I actually like. Kind of catchy.

    • Jake I understand you don’t see it but the song is in line , straight forward.
      Vocals are good, I don’t see how he is getting this sound from a bass though.
      But what do I know, people look at me like a hack bass player.

      • Why does your profile redirect back to this site? Before that it used to direct to a place that offered music lessons. What’s with that?

        • Ruben,
          Mark J Smith owns that website , , he emailed me and asked why does my profile go to his bass lesson website and I couldn’t figure it out , Mark J Smith asked me to fix this , so I clicked on to my profile and it led me to his website ,so I just changed the website name on my profile to this website ,that was strange , then again stranger things have happened to me.

          • Mike

            I don’t understand. Why are you using this bass page on your profile?

          • I’m not that’s just the way my profile was set up by this website, somehow or another.
            I took it off and added No Treble so it would not go to Marks website anymore.

  7. Brian Bortz

    These guys are awesome. Ben Thatcher is a beast on the drums, and one funny bloke too!

  8. gr888888888888888888

  9. This song rocks. Does he do an octave up all the time? I don’t hear the original fundamental, but my ears are not what they used to be.

    • He splits the single, running one half into a POG (or equivalent) and guitar amps. From there he can mute the bass signal to have -just- the distorted octave-up sound. Hopefully you can hear the bass kick in at 0:34. :-)

  10. and low overhead : )