Groove – Episode #5: Juan Alderete

Juan Alderete

Juan Alderete doesn’t remember me. Fair ball. The last time I saw him, he had long hair, tight jeans and was playing bass for a hard rock band called The Scream back in the early nineties. That band is most notable because frontman, John Corabi, later went on to replace Vince Neil in Motley Crue.

Back then, Juan was known as John and prior to The Scream, he was a founding member of the infamous shredder metal band, Racer X (which featured guitarist Paul Gilbert, drummer Scott Travis and singer Jeff Martin).

Over the years, Juan has made a professional career out of being a musical chameleon. Most people don’t even know about his metal roots, because of the decade-plus he spent as the bass player for The Mars Volta. He also has his own projects, (including Big Sir and Vato Negro) while still playing for rap band, Deltron 3030, and there are other gigs as well. He has such a huge passion for the sounds of the bass that he also launched his own media property, Pedals And Effects.

Welcome to episode #5 of Groove – The No Treble Podcast. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Juan is the man! I love that you can hear his passion in his voice. I loved what he did with Racer X, and then when The Scream came out it was just like ‘YEAH’. Big Sir, Mars Volta, Deltron3030, it’s awesome to see and hear his versatility and his musical path through the years. He is an underdog in the bass community; but by all means just as good as any of them! Many blessings and much success to ya Juan. Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. John

    Excellent podcast! Great stories and insights into playing

  3. Bob Boyce

    Nice interview and I feel the ‘transparency’ in Juan’s interview helps reflect on his (as others) a ‘journey’ of crossing various styles and projects. Over a life time this is what the music business really is.

  4. Wow, great interview! It’s really refreshing to hear someone speak so honestly about himself and his music. I’m still a huge Racer X fan and still after all these years trying to get Scarified up to speed, LOL.