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Reader Spotlight: LeRoy Patterson

LeRoy Patterson

Sometimes we get a submission on the Reader Spotlight, and I recognize the person. This was the case when I saw LeRoy Patterson’s story come through. I met LeRoy more than once – at Gerald Veasley’s annual Bass Bootcamp. But I didn’t know the complete story until now – and this bass player has a story to tell.

LeRoy is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of May 11th, 2015.


I’ve been playing Bass in and around the Philadelphia area (from New York to Washington DC) for about 35 years. I’ve played most genres of music from Rock to Jazz to Gospel. I also do session work for various local artist.

I am currently working on a solo project that I expect to complete within the year. My project is kind of a fusion-contemporary jazz-funk-groove vibe. Literally 35 years of ideas finally being documented with a contemporary feel.

I also look for every opportunity to encourage and mentor young musicians to follow their dream of becoming a musician as well as anyone else, young or old, who says they want to play the Bass. Music can be one of the most satisfying, liberating, creative, and enjoyable, endeavors anyone can be involved in.


Philadelphia, PA

Day gig:

Head of Security for a local school district.

Years experience:

35 years

Bands & Gigs:

I am currently working in 4-5 bands. Exit 45 (contemporary jazz/R&B), Insession (R&B/Funk), Ed Dennis Quartet (straight ahead jazz), the Glen Bryan Group (contemporary jazz-original), and the name gig is with guitarist David P. Stevens (original contemporary jazz). The great thing is, none of the bands “work” too much, but I’ve always got a gig! I also get to work with a great group of people in the various groups, playing music I like. Music is fun for me ’cause it’s not a job.


I primarily play Warwick Basses (Infinity 5strg., Streamer LX 5strg., Thumb SC 6strg., and a Corvette 5strg)

I also have an Ibanez Gerald Veasley Signature Bass and a Gary Willis Signature Bass, a Rick Turner fretless, a Victor Bailey 5strg. Acoustic electric, a Kydd electric Upright 5-string, a Baccus 5-string, and a Fender Precision fretless.

My amplification is all Epifani: 902 and 501 amps, a 2×10 Dist. UL and a 3×10 UL cabinet.

I also use Boss effects pedals (the ME B 50 multi-effects board and single pedals), Monster cables, and Mono gig bags.

Why I play the bass:

I’ve always been drawn to the bass. In every song I listen to, I automatically hear the bass part. When I was 5 years old, my Uncle Marvin used to take me to coffee houses and I’d be fixated on the live bands. At around 8 years old, there was a neighborhood band that would play 70’s funk songs and I would focus completely on the bass player. It’s just in my DNA!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’m not sure I have a superpower or claim to fame. I think that “story” is still to be written. I’ve been getting more and more big gigs working with Dave Stevens, so that’s really cool. Maybe my affiliation with bassist Gerald Veasley would probably be it. I work with Gerald and his Bass Bootcamp. Gerald came up with the idea and we (with his wife Roxanne), developed the plan for the Bass Bootcamp. Here we are now, 14 years later, and the “Camp” is still going strong. It gets bigger and better every year. The camp is an extremely motivational, inspirational, weekend for people from all walks of life w/varying degrees of ability, gathered together for the love of the bass!

My influences

When I finally got my 1st Bass at 9 years old, an older kid in the neighborhood asked me if I had heard of Stanley Clarke. I said no, so he took me to his house and opened up a trunk full of albums. He played Stanley Clarke albums and “Return to Forever” albums, and my my life was never the same!

Other major influences: Jeff Berlin, Victor Bailey, Chris Squire, Jaco, Dave Holland, Marcus Miller, Scott Ambush, Richard Bona, Tom Kennedy, Nathan East, Andrew Gouche, Percy Jones, and, of course, Gerald Veasley!

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I would really like to visit the Bass Bootcamp , but limited funds and non stop chronic pain keeps me confined from the rest of the world, it’s debilitating.
I too always zeroed in on the bass on every song I’ve ever heard , it started with the band Chicago in 1973.

Like Leroy said its a DNA thing.

Much love for the bass guitar.

Mark S Beretta

Michael Hamer

Lee is one of my favorite folks! I am so proud to know him, and to be a student at the Bass Bootcamp. Thanks to Gerald, Roxanne and Lee for providing a fantastic experience for me, for four years running! God bless you, brother!