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CG Lutherie Unveils UbiQ Bass Guitar

French company CG Lutherie has introduced the UbiQ, a new model that blurs the lines between bass and guitar. The six-string singlecut bass features a multi-scale design and is tuned EADGBE.

The bass’s scale ranges from 30.9 inches to 32 inches while its maple fingerboard has a compound radius from 20 inches to 23 inches. It’s headless design revolves around ABM bridge-mounted tuners. As CG builds each bass to order, the bass’s body wood, electronics and electronics have several options as upgrades. The company lists Delano, Bartolini, and EMG as standard pickup options.

The CG Lutherie UbiQ is available for order now with a base price of $1,828.

CG Lutherie UbiQ Bass Specs:

Scale:815mm-785mm (30.9”-32”)
Pickups:Delano, EMG, Bartolini
Electronics:Passive, Active Available
Tuners:ABM Bridge-Mount

For more information:
CG Lutherie

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Boutique version of a Bass VI, anyone?


My goodness. That is one expensive step-child-of-a-bass

Ruben De La Rosa

A hair over 1800 bucks is pretty good for a boutique bass. I love short scale and have never seen a multi-scale short scale number. I’d love to play this puppy.



majdnem oolyan ronda, mint eg ybongo :D