Bass of the Week: CG Lutherie Gold Leaf Ubiq

CG Lutherie Gold Leaf Ubiq Bass

I always love when fans send in basses that get them excited. This week we’re checking out a jaw-dropping six-string that was sent in by Tyler D.

This Ubiq bass is built by CG Lutherie and has several special appointments. The custom-build was made for a customer with a holly body made from French Basswood and finished with real gold leaf in a light “relic,” the luthier says.

Its three-piece maple has a flamed maple center and is multi-scale spanning from 34 inches to 35 inches. Its fingerboard as well as the height-adjustable pickup cover and ramp are ebony. CG Lutherie marked its 24 frets with mother of pearl dots and luminlay luminescent dots on the side of the fingerboard.

The electronics section is also particular. This Ubiq has two French-made Crel soapbar pickups that are wired in parallel. You’ll notice there are no knobs – only a switch selector for toggling the pickups. Additionally, there is only an XLR output in lieu of a standard 1/4-inch jack.

Finally, the bass has a headless tuning system made by Mera.

CG Lutherie Gold Leaf Ubiq Bass Features:

Body:Hollow Body French Basswood
Neck:3-piece Maple and Flamed Maple
Inlays:Mother Of Pearl Dots, Luminlay Side Dots
Pickups:Crel Soapbar Pickups
Controls:Pickup Selector Switch
Tuners:Mera Submarines III
Finish:Gold Leaf with Relic

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  1. Mike Bruce

    I need a volume pot. I understand it’s a studio bass and that your sitting right next to your gear, but there is no quicker way to dial in tone than with a volume pot.

    • CG lutherie

      It’s a custom bass, The owner don’t want pots, so there is no pots ;)

      If someone want the same with pots, I’ll put pots.