Groove – Episode #6: Michael Manring

Michael Manring

Photo by Philippe Lissart

How is it that someone can be this in touch with their musicianship and instrument? Michael Manring is one of the most talented musicians that our world has ever seen. He’s not just a bass player of the highest order, he is someone who approaches music with all of his senses and sensibilities.

Manring is so good, that he makes you either want to quit and stop trying to play the bass, or he inspires you to take your muse to levels unknown to other mere mortals. He has technical skills that weave innovation and inspiration into everything. He makes the instrument sing in a way that we have yet to see.

From his perspective, he is always the student. Very Zen. He believes that the instrument provides so many more areas that he has yet to explore. Imagine that. As accomplished as Michael Manring is, he still believes that the electric bass is a relatively new instrument, and that the music (and art) that can be created with it are quite nascent.

Welcome to episode #6 of Groove – The No Treble Podcast. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Again Mitch, great podcast. I’ve met and seen Michael live a few times. Sweetheart of a guy, and one heck of an artist/bassist.

  2. Lars P.

    Hi there, I love that the Groove Podcast exists, and you are doing a great job with the interviews! If I could criticize one thing, though, it’s the background noises. Maybe you need to adjust the microphone setup a bit? Or is it the guest inadvertantly messing with the cables or something? Are you using Lavaliers? Otherwise great podcast, thanks & greetings from Germany!

    • Hey Lars, the recordings are, typically, done via Skype. We do our best to get the best audio sound possible, with the limitations of the technology. It’s not always perfect.

      • Dear Lord STOP with the scribbling! The first 15 minutes are unlistenable! Don’t blame Skype. Skype has nothing to do with the scribbling. Even a bit of EQing would help reduce that noise. I do web casts all the time for work over skype and record them for later on demand viewing. The solution? Use a headset! I have this one less than $100 (super cheap on amazon), noise cancelling, wireless, and the battery lasts something like 10 hours. Makes a kickass set of wireless headphones too with great range.

  3. David

    Me too, I really dig your podcast, always a great listen. I was happy to find out you had Juan Alderete on the show, one of my favourites. I’d love to see/hear Pino Palladino on one of the next issues though. There seems to be so much love for him on notreble, but there are only so little interviews to be found… Best from Germany :-)

  4. John Hinks

    Thanks for this very inspirational discussion. All very thought provoking. Interesting to note how an intelligent and articulate musician struggles to explain some aspects of how his music “works”. Maybe it’s just something that can’t be articulated and we just have to listen to the music itself and be thankful for what it says to us. That’s enough for me. ?