Ambiente Solstice Releases “Short Stories” with Sean O’Bryan Smith, Michael Manring, and Vail Johnson

Ambiente Solstice: Short StoriesWayfarer Records artist Ambiente Solstice has just released a new album called Short Stories, which is described as an “ambient meets jazz project.” The resulting sound is a broad, enveloping soundscape with beautiful melodies. It’s also brimming with bass talent.

The Austin-based composer tapped Nashville bassist Rich Krainak to co-produce the effort while bassist Sean O’Bryan Smith handles most of the low end. Special guests Michael Manring and Vail Johnson appear on the tracks “Short Stories” and “Alluring,” respectively.

Listen to the title track, featuring Manring’s emotive fretless work:

Short Stories is available now digitally via Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, and more.

Short Stories Track List:

  1. In the Key of Rain
  2. Short Stories
  3. Falling Away
  4. Weightless
  5. Alluring
  6. Sketches
  7. Sunday Afternoons
  8. Tender Awakening
  9. Enraptured
  10. Starlit Eyes
  11. Nightfall

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