The Stanley Clarke Band: No Mystery, Live

Today we’re celebrating the great Stanley Clarke’s birthday with a killer clip of his band live at Bimhuis in Amsterdam. The jazz legend and crew tackle the Return to Forever song “No Mystery”, which Clarke also released on his band’s 2010 self-titled album.

Clarke pulls out all the stops with his signature bass lines, arco work, and a jaw-dropping percussive solo. The rest of the band includes Beka Gochiashvili on piano, Cameron Graves on keyboard, and Michael Mitchell on drums.

Happy birthday, Stanley Clarke!

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  1. Stanley Clarke is killing that double bass! The whole band is wicked! Stanley Clarke is the only person I’ve seen that makes a double bass look small

  2. Omg!!! He’s one of the all time best!!

  3. Mike Matthews

    WOW… just f’n WOW. What a performance!!! All these cats are killer, I mean they’re playing with Stanley Clarke; but the drummer is just amazing. Actually they are all amazing. I have to watch this again.

    • Pete van Brucken

      Well said Mike!! Yep, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

  4. Ahh It’s always Great Too hear and See the Greats..I’ve always loved Stanley Clarks Smooth expressive approach.

  5. syost

    “the rest of the band”, hah. These players are all killer!